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Tony Jackson
Financial Analyst

"It gives you a lot of value and a lot of pride when you go home, knowing that you’re working for a place that contributes to those who are serving us. There is an excellent opportunity for advancement in any field you choose here. So I think it would be great  for any young man or woman to join the ship repair industry.

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BAE Systems Ship Repair operates in seven fully-equipped facilities located throughout the United States.

Norfolk, Virginia

Jacksonville, Florida

Mayport, Florida

Mobile, Alabama

San Diego, California

San Francisco, California

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

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BAE Systems Careers

Our shipyards feature equipment and machinery for steelworking, forging, electrical repairs, painting, pipe repair and a wide array of machine operations. We operate one of the world’s largest floating drydocks capable of lifting huge ships weighing thousands of tons. But by far our most valued and impressive asset is a skilled and productive workforce.

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